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Food Cause Bad Breath Rare Unknown

This time we will discuss the foods that can cause bad breath. Bad breath is one of the things that is very disturbing and make less confident. Even as bad breath can make us stay away from the others. Bad breath itself occurs because caused by several things including an infection of the teeth, cavities or due to plaque attached. In addition to the lack of keeping your oral hygiene should also know that other factors could be other causes that can cause bad breath you become unpleasant. One is because of the food you consume daily. When discussing food that can cause bad breath bad terbesit sure that in your mind right now is jengkol or a banana. Besides the meal turns out there are other foods that you may not know. Want to know what foods can cause bad breath? Immediately, note the following review!

Here's Some Food Can Cause Bad Breath

Red meat

The food that this one does have good taste, but did you behind the delicious taste turns out that red meat can cause bad breath you become unpleasant. In addition to creating an unpleasant mouth odor, red meat also can make the unpleasant body odor. This is because red meat is a food that is very difficult to be digested by the body and will likely be out of gas less savory on your body. Well if you do not want the bad breath or body you become unpleasant it would be nice if you do not eat too much red meat.


herbs this one too is one of the foods that can trigger bad breath become unpleasant. Because garlic or other types of onions have a very pungent aroma and savory. When you eat the herbs directly or made in the mix on the dishes will make your mouth smell becomes unpleasant. Besides the smell produced will be able to survive a few hours to a day after taking them. Therefore many people often avoid foods that contain onions such as garlic, onions until leeks.


As we know milk is one of the food was very good for health. However, if consumed in excess of all kinds of dairy products that it can create an advanced unpleasant mouth odor. A bad odor in the mouth often make those around you to be uncomfortable, especially for myself. You can prevent the bad breath easily by drinking water can help neutralize the odor in your mouth.


Not only milk alone, one type of beverage can also be made into an unpleasant mouth odor is coffee. Coffee is one of the drinks that are favored by men because it is believed to increase energy. But behind it can make the coffee turns into an unpleasant mouth odor. This is because coffee contains natural levels of acidity and enzymes are very high. If the content of the blend with saliva, it will cause your mouth smell becomes unpleasant
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