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Tips For Baby photo Breech Birth

Now it banyi breech become one of the problems that may be experienced by the mother understood. Usually this breech babies bia experienced when the pregnancy has entered the age of 3 or trimester to start showing signs of pregnancy. Because in the past it was supposed to be a position where the baby's head already under his stomach. If it does not show these positions so we can be sure the baby will be born in the breech position. Breech birth itself is risky compared to normal infants. A breech baby, there are several conditions including pelvic ass entrance, a breech baby with the first delivery of the foot or knee. Gave birth to a breech baby is at risk then that is why many doctors are advised to do by way of action born in operation. Risk experienced in addition to risk of birth defects and death. Of course this does not want to happen right? So that's why we need a better action

That glimpse of the breech what you can say. But if we do not know what is the cause taste is far from complete. So because of that just pay attention to some breech babies can cause you know, are as follows!
  1. Shape of the uterus is not perfect, this is the first problem that can cause the baby was born breech. Conditions womb of a less than perfect ibi allows can make the baby was born breech. Usually in these cases because the uterus is narrow, pingggul narrow and because it is caused by an injury or accident.
  2. A history of previous pregnancies, if you've ever had an experience kbayi breech pregnancy. Then it could be one cause of subsequent pregnancy into the breech.
  3. The age factor, the increasing age of a pregnant woman can cause a baby was born breech. Dapun age who could be at risk of breech babies are 35 years of age to rest. Since this could be affected from changes pentuk womb, the physical condition of the mother and many others.
Now that some of the factors causing breech birth that you can know.
  1. Get used to stand and walk upright about 20 minutes. With this position can help to avoid the baby was born breech. Additionally jiuga can help the baby move in the right direction when the movement of the pelvis while the mother goes,
  2. It also can be a way to relax. This relaxation dilakukakn not only can help pregnant women of stress but also can help restore the breech position. Relaxation can be done by listening to music and relax. In addition to the exercise of yoga for pregnant women. This method is somewhat effective to make babies born under normal conditions and not breech.
  3. Way as to make the baby is not born breech is to try to communicate with the baby. This step is very appropriate thing to do, especially to develop intense communication with the baby. Pregnant women will be quieter and can make the baby's position change naturally.
  4. Do therapy with prostrate movement. This movement can help pregnant women in developing a wider space in the pelvis so your baby can find his best position. This step will make the mother may have a shape of the room that is consistent with the position of the baby will be born
Many explanations on how to get the baby is not born breech what you can say.
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